COVID-19 Information Guide

What protections are being put in place to guard against Covid-19?

Signature Care’s policies and procedures will continue to be delivered based on current Government Covid-19 legislation and guidance. This includes isolation policies for residents entering from hospital and/or other aged care homes, visitation policies for family members, guests and other external parties.

We have also implemented a new automatic temperature check, unique to the aged care industry. This digital face screening is located at entry and will restrict the entry of those showing temperatures above the government guidelines.

In addition to access to the national stockpile of personal protective equipment, we carry our own stockpile to ensure we are always adequately stocked with PPE.

What about Lifestyle activities? Are these still operating?

Lifestyle is a huge part of our residents’ lives and forms an important part of their mental and physical well-being. All activities conducted will be done so under appropriate ‘social distancing conditions’.

Can we visit?

Signature Care will continue to adhere to guidelines set by relevant government authorities outlining visitation restrictions within an Aged Care home. This information is available in our Resident Handbook Supplement and will be provided upon request.

Additional information:

Our goal is to support our residents and families through these unprecedented times. We are mindful of community concerns and respectful of governmental guidelines.

Our Covid-19 taskforce continues to monitor the situation, legislation and recommendations made by both State and Federal Governments. Changes can occur daily so we will strive to update our families of any change in circumstances as they eventuate.