Our History

An Australian owned and run family business, Signature Care is the inspiration of the founder, Graeme Croft, who over the last 35 years has dedicated himself to building, owning and operating residential aged care homes and partnering with other aged care providers to increase their network of aged care homes. As a family, we are actively involved in all aspects of building design, construction, operations and models of care and service, and we are deeply committed to the wellbeing of those who live in, visit and work in our residential care community.

We take pride in our homes that support communities throughout Australia, particularly in regional areas; ensuring the design is both spacious and luxurious, yet home-like and comfortable; that the services are personalised and the care focuses on the whole of person. The vision has always been to provide high quality homes accessible and inclusive to every person, and which encourage independence and best practice in models of service and care. We understand well, the areas of need in outer metropolitan and regional and rural locations for aged care accommodation, and have been very successful in strategically identifying and meeting the growth in need through the development of residential care homes in these areas.

We recognise that the transition into aged care is challenging for many, and the Directors of Signature Care, collectively with a well-qualified team, strive to establish trust and an environment that fosters a culture of acceptance, respect and dignity. We believe and are committed in delivering an experience in our homes that is positive and supportive, offering innovative and modern accommodation, being that permanent, respite, memory support or palliative care, for individuals and couples.

We are a family business, caring for families for over three decades, and Signature Care is proud of its unique residences it offers to the community.

Our Policies, Vision, Mission, Values

Our Policies

Signature Care’s policies and procedures have been developed over the past 30 years of operational experience and undergo regular peer review by internal and external clinicians (doctors, nursing and allied health), diversional therapists, chefs and other relevant consultants. We pride ourselves on having policies and procedures which are up to date and in alignment with the new Standards which came into effect on 1 July 2019 and which are reflective of staff practices.


To be considered a well-respected provider of quality care, service and accommodation by our residents, their families and friends, our staff and the broader community through innovation, technology and the engagement of well qualified, professional people, who promote residents’ rights and choices.


To enrich residents’ quality of life by supporting their independence, engagement and personal wellbeing in a trusted and caring home-like environment.


We value quality of care and believe our values are espoused and reflected by:

  • Our philosophy of care, being person centred, inclusive and individualised to the preferences of those that have chosen our Home to be their Home
  • Our people we engage to deliver care and services in our Homes with professionalism, integrity, honesty and respect
  • Our approach that has a supportive and holistic care model that enables every person to exercise choice and age in place with dignity
  • Our home being safe for those that choose to live and work there with a culture that fosters acceptance, belonging and is welcoming of residents’ family and friends
  • Our desire to embrace the unique, new and be at the forefront of best practice in service and care
  • Our community believing that we provide both a Home and a workplace that strives for excellence and is committed to continuous improvement

Our People

Graeme Croft
Graeme Croft
Graeme Croft
Director / CEO

Graeme is the founder of Signature Care and provides input into the design for operational and client needs, business development, risk management, strategic direction, new developments and day-to-day management and mentoring.

Graeme has an extensive and specialised understanding of both State and Federal legislative frameworks for building of aged care living and Commonwealth funded aged care across design, development and operations. He has in-depth understanding of industrial relations, EBAs and OH&S requirements in construction, health, aged care and business.

Graeme has been Company Director of an ASX listed Public Company (Nova Health Limited) and appointed a board member of both the Australian Nursing Homes and Extended Care Association (ANHECA), the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI), and was Chairman and Federal President of ACAA for 3 years (1994-1997).

Ramsay Croft
Ramsay Croft
Ramsay Croft
Director / Construction Project Manager

Ramsay Croft is a registered commercial builder. Ramsay joined the company in 2008 and is responsible for leading the in-house design, planning and construction teams and is heavily involved in the planning, design, procurement and the day-to-day build of all Croft Developments projects. Ramsay is responsible for ensuring projects are delivered on time, to budget, safely and to the highest build standards.

Ramsay has acquired in-depth specialisation in building aged care homes over the last 10 years. He is a key driver of innovation throughout the business with particular focus on new building products and techniques to deliver state-of-the-art homes. Ramsay leads with a hands-on approach and drives a strong safety culture through the construction process.

Ramsay has a double degree in Property & Construction and Planning & Design from Melbourne University. Ramsay was formerly employed with Multiplex, and Deutsche Bank in London (Capital Markets).

Amal Witnish
Amal Witnish
Amal Witnish (nee Croft)
Director / Legal Compliance Manager

Amal Witnish joined the company in 2010 and supports the executive Operational Team by providing corporate governance and advice to Facility Managers on regulatory compliance matters (e.g. mandatory reporting), policy and procedure development and review, human resources management, complaints management, contract management, continuous improvement and various legal related matters.

Amal is passionate about ensuring that Signature Care is compliant with the Aged Care Quality Standards and that Signature Care is at the forefront of best practice in service and care delivery.

Amal holds a double degree in Law / Arts (majoring in Psychology) from Deakin University. Amal completed her legal traineeship with Hogan Dodds & Moore Lawyers, a boutique commercial firm with expertise in aged care and signed the Victorian Supreme Court Roll of Barristers and Solicitors in August 2010.

Stephen Pollock
Stephen Pollock
Stephen Pollock
Director / Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Pollock is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and is also a key contributor to the strategy and business development of Signature Care. As CFO, Stephen is responsible for the daily management of all financial reporting, compliance and is involved operationally to support improved business process and acquisitions.

Operationally, part of Stephen’s role incorporates benchmarking key operational drivers to ensure our homes are operating sustainably with appropriate levels of resources to ensure levels of care, support, accommodation & a lifestyle to our residents as well as staffing for which we can be proud of.

Stephen is passionate about providing aged care services to areas of need. This includes large amounts of research and statistical analysis followed by site visits and local consultation to identify areas of aged care need in the community.